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These quotes are from emails and letters written to X-ES by our customers.

Northrop Grumman

I wanted to take the time to send in a quick write-up informing you of the exceptional support we at Northrop Grumman have received from your support team. The attentiveness, responsiveness, and technical product knowledge provided by your team is unparalleled with other suppliers in industry.

Your team sees the value in providing assistance above and beyond what is simply required in order to build the strong supplier relationship. So to your entire support team, I say thank you!

– Systems/Electrical Engineer

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Tier 1 Mil/Aero Customer

I was so impressed with the support we have received from Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) over these past few months; they truly did provide us with excellent customer support during this time. They really know their product inside and out and it shows.

They were quick with their responses, altered any mistakes in a timely fashion, took our revision inputs into account, spent countless hours on the phone with us walking through the instructions, and were just very pleasant, patient, and polite to work with throughout the whole process.

– Computer Hardware Engineer

Tier 1 Mil/Aero Customer

Just a quick note to pass along my thanks for the effort that X-ES (and you personally) have put in to ensure that our final build came in on time. The changeover to the discrete memory parts gave us an executable option, and y’all were able to execute it.

When we were sorting out the options, I was very happy with our collective communication, and our ability to find a good solution that worked for everyone. That’s key.

So this is a “good news” contact. At [Company], we have challenges ahead, yet I want to Thank You for doing your part to make our program successful. Congrats!

– Programs Manager

Major Medical Equipment Manufacturer

“I would like recognize [your engineers] for their efforts meeting [my medical company’s] tight schedule for our project. The integration of the XPedite5504 was one key to our success.

In my opinion, [your engineers] were very effective to help us with the integration. From the start of the project, we have been impressed with the knowledge and quick response your team has demonstrated. In addition, we had run into a few technical challenges that at times can take months to overcome, and we were again impressed with the response.”

– R&D Manager


The best part of working with X-ES is their phenomenal technical support. The X-ES support team offers the rare combination of excellent responsiveness and knowledge. This dependable quality has proved invaluable over the years, especially for projects with highly aggressive schedules. The reliable support staff is among the key reasons I would recommend X-ES products.

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Tier 1 Mil/Aero customer

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is working with you folks at XES. Every time I need something you guys are ‘Johnny on the spot’ and I appreciate that.”



The XPand6103’s high performance processing and compact, rugged design provide an ideal solution for mining applications. Not only is X-ES’ craftsmanship outstanding, but their support is, as well. They helped us get up and running very quickly.

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I want to highlight that XES performed at levels that exceeded our expectations.

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ATK Space Systems

I would like to thank the XES VPX technical support team for the outstanding support in resolving a VPX/PCIe hardware interface problem with another vendor’s hardware.

It was unclear initially where the problem lay; however, the X-ES support team aggressively pursued the problem, including taking delivery of and deploying the competitor’s hardware and test instruments, to prove conclusively that the problem lay in the competitor’s VPX carrier card. Even after the problem was identified, X-ES continued to provide technical and logistical support to the competitor to facilitate a timely solution that enabled us to pursue an important marketing opportunity.

I’d also like to thank X-ES Sales for supporting this effort with timely quotes, technical information, and hardware loaners. We will certainly consider X-ES in our future hardware development plans.

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Lockheed Martin

Dear Mr. Scidmore,

I would like to thank you, both personally and on behalf of the Lockheed Martin Team, for the outstanding support Extreme Engineering has provided the program in 2011.

Your team has provided continuous software support to our engineers and we would not have achieved the level of success we have today without the Extreme Engineering efforts. Your team has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping us resolve time sensitive software issues on the program.

Extreme Engineering’s actions reflect your resourcefulness, professionalism, and the dedication to delivering results. Your team does more than just build an outstanding product; they stand behind it, and make sure that it is reaching its full potential.

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We recently had a peer review for my design and the question came up “Why did you go with Extreme Engineering when the [competitor’s board] satisfies the requirements as well.” I replied: “Customer service. [Competitor] did not bother to return my calls or emails.”

Thank you for the great customer service. Once our prototype is everything we need it to be, I anticipate we will order more SBCs. I look forward to working with the XCalibur4341 and will certainly keep Extreme Engineering in mind for future efforts. Keep up the great work!

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On the subject of support, I also appreciate the technical quality of the answers and the data that has allowed me to advance on certain difficulties met during the implementation of this card. Remaining a customer today satisfied by the technical quality of your products and your service.

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Ball Aerospace

And as always, thank you for the immediate feedback. X-ES support is fantastic, and is a big part of the reason we chose the XCalibur1331 for this new project.

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Northrop Grumman

My compliments to your staff, engineers and techs. This is the most complete data I have received from a supplier, when asked this question, in a long time. If I could get this from my other LRU suppliers life would be good.

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DRS Technologies

Personally I have been very pleased with all of the hardware and the support has always been great.

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I saw the X-ES custom board in the lab today…looks good. More importantly, my long time lead electrical said he went over it with a fine toothed comb and was impressed with the quality of the build. I then met with the program manager for a moment and we discussed Gary’s effort. The PM said he passed on the same feedback to Gary as I did…”Extreme is a top notch partner.” We do notice and appreciate the good work. Keep it up!

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Northrop Grumman

In my view, the support you provided was excellent. The process went extremely smoothly. I would definitely work with you and your company again.

My experience has shown that there are always problems and issues when executing technical tasks like this. The difference is how we respond when the problems arise. X-ES responded very quickly and was very supportive in making things right.

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Applied Signal Technology

As product manager for one of Applied Signal Technology’s primary digital signal processing units, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation for the prompt and professional attention that two of your employees, the sales person and an engineer, demonstrated over the past several days.

Our product team had been struggling with an elusive board hang problem which we were recently able to diagnose as either a BSP or OS issue with the Shared Memory Interface on another vendor’s SBC on which an X-ES PrPMC was mounted.

Understanding the criticality of meeting our own customer commitments, the sales person and the engineer immediately arranged for the engineer to fly out to California (on Easter Sunday) and spend a week with us, troubleshooting at our facility. Within hours of his arrival, the X-ES engineer isolated the problem and began working with our team discussing solutions, running overnight tests, and analyzing results. After 3 days, the X-ES engineer delivered a solution that dramatically increased the stability of our systems. During the debrief before his departure, the X-ES engineer presented a detailed description of the issue, his final solution, and his plans going forward.

It was a pleasure to have this X-ES engineer as part of our team this week.

In summary, I appreciate your company prioritizing this task to enable us to meet our aggressive customer delivery schedule and for the opportunity to work with such professional and talented individuals.

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On behalf of our program at Honeywell, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to Extreme Engineering Solutions (XES) for providing us with support in all areas of your product during the past several years. Your support has been invaluable, and contributed to Honeywell’s success on project.

With the ever-increasing demand for higher bandwidth and processing capacity of today’s space exploration, space science, and defense missions, the ability to efficiently apply Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) processors for on-board computing has become a critical need. In response to this need, NASA’s technology has been developed using Extreme Engineering Solutions’ SBC. The objective of this effort was to combine high-performance, fault tolerant, COTS-based cluster processing and fault tolerant middleware in an architecture and software framework capable of supporting a wide variety of mission applications.

The three key problems that needed to be overcome in order to fly COTS in space: 1) an effective approach for handling SEUs (Single Event Upsets) in high performance cluster processors, 2) handling thermal issues associated with state-of-the-art COTS components, and 3) achieving high power efficiency (throughput per watt).

With the support from your team we were able to solve all these issues and feel confident that the performance of the XES SBC meets all of our requirements.

At this time, we are actively looking for space missions to take full advantage of all we have accomplished. We are also looking at incorporation of the newer technologies as well and look forward to working with Extreme Engineering Solutions for all our future endeavors in this area.

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