Obsolescence Management

Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) is committed to providing full lifecycle support for our products. To provide our customers with information, flexibility, and control over the products they depend on, X-ES offers three configuration and obsolescence management options.

Level 1: Change Notice

All customers have access to our complimentary Change Notice. Any time a Major (Class I) Engineering Change Order (ECO) occurs, X-ES will issue a Product Change Notification (PCN) and then post it to our online customer information resource, SupportNet. To be automatically notified of such changes, customers may also subscribe to email notifications of updates to SupportNet.

Level 2: Change Control

For customers who need to closely manage changes to their product’s design, X-ES offers Change Control. Under this upgraded configuration management option, designated customer contacts will receive notification for all Major (Class I) ECOs. They then have the option to accept or reject those changes.

Level 3: Life Cycle Control

Life Cycle Control includes configuration and obsolescence management, ideal for customers with long project lifecycles. Along with the Change Control configuration management offered in Level 2, X-ES proactively monitors obsolescence notification sources and issues an obsolescence notification form to designated customer contacts. Life Cycle Control provides options to lengthen the life of projects as products age and their components reach End-of-Life (EOL).

When an obsolescence notification is issued, X-ES provides an impact assessment, along with details for last-time buys of components, substitute components, and product replacements/re-designs as appropriate, thus ensuring product availability for several years to come.

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