U-Boot Bootloader

U-Boot Bootloader for Fast Booting in PowerPC, ARM, and MIPS Systems

U-Boot has a substantial base of dedicated software engineers, along with support from major chip manufacturers. U-Boot is easy to use, and is capable of booting a variety of operating systems including Symmetric and Asymmetric Multiprocessor configurations. U-Boot’s scripting language makes conditional booting and failover simple. It is also very fast, typically transferring control to the OS in 1-5 seconds.

What Sets X-ES' U-Boot Development Team Apart

Full Power-on Built-In Test (PBIT) Support

Full Power-on Built-In Test (PBIT) support to report the health of the card to the operating system. Each test can be individually enabled/disabled, and many have options for speed or coverage.

  • Tests include: DDR Memory, ECC, EEPROM, Ethernet, Geographical Address, I²C, IPMI Sensors, MIL-STD-1553, NOR Flash, PCI/PCIe, Real Time Clock, Temperature Sensor Thresholds, U-Boot Integrity Check, and UART
  • Results of PBIT tests are passed to the operating system via the Flattened Device Tree (FDT)

IPMI Support

  • Reading IPMC sensors
  • Programming Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) data
  • Programming the IPMC

Additional Features Supported

  • Support for configuration of multiple PCI/PCIe bridge chips, allowing customization of the PCI topology
  • Built in scripts to reprogram U-Boot and boot operating systems
  • A backup environment to preserve critical environment variables from accidental erasure
  • Debugging utilities
    • A debug prompt to step through bootup and interact with registers and interfaces
    • A memory test that tests the entirety of RAM, regardless of total size
    • The ability to remap TLBs on the fly
    • A DMA command to test throughput of memory mapped interfaces
    • Ability to display real-time memory map
  • Common look and feel across all products
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