X-ES Enterprise Linux (XEL)

What is X-ES Enterprise Linux?

X-ES Enterprise Linux (XEL) is an RPM-based Linux distribution designed for X-ES single board computers. XEL board support packages developed by X-ES can be used with Red Hat Enterprise Linux™ (RHEL).

XEL adds support for X-ES x86 platforms on top of a stable and widely used Linux base platform that is suitable for deployment in mission-critical applications.

What is XEL based on?

XEL is based on an upstream vendor’s Linux distribution release, with add-ons that support X-ES single board computers.

All X-ES software modifications are open source and made available to the customer under the GNU GPL license.

Is source code included?

Access X-ES Open Source Software Portal

Features Provided With XEL

Additional kernel modules/drivers for onboard devices

Scripts and utilities providing convenience functions for X-ES boards

Automatic I²C/SMBus device registration for X-ES SBCs

Access to I²C GPIO devices via sysfs or I²C character device interfaces

Temp. sensor support out-of-the-box, including for newer processors in the coretemp driver

Enhanced AT24 serial EEPROM support

Intel® ICH GPIO support

Intel® Baytrail device support (GPIO, I²C, EDAC)

XEL & Other Linux Distributions

Can I use XEL add-on packages with another Linux distribution?

Due to increased customer demand for “Enterprise Linux” support, XEL board support package releases are being made available to customers as a standard product.

Gentoo-based Linux board support packages also are available upon request.

Alternatives to X-ES Enterprise Linux (XEL)

X-ES provides customers with an add-on repository. The XEL add-on repository contains a set of packages that provide support for X-ES hardware. This is intended to be used on top of an existing compatible Linux installation.

Compatible distributions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux™, CentOS™, and Scientific Linux™.

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