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Embedded system design is complex, with many diverse factors that need to be addressed – electrical, mechanical, software, power, cooling, cabling, and packaging. With the complexities of system design and integration, along with the pressures to stay on schedule, it can be very beneficial to work with a single provider for board-level products and system components that have been designed and tested to work together. With our knowledge of system components and experience successfully developing and delivering development and deployed systems, using systems developed by X-ES will simplify and speed up your development process.

Development Platforms

X-ES provides development platforms to allow developers to start their development quickly. Rather than working through system integration issues, developers can start their application development with a platform that has been engineered by X-ES.

This is especially important with VPX products. X-ES provides integrated development platforms that include X-ES engineered OpenVPX™ backplanes and OpenVPX™ enclosures, power supplies, SBCs, switch modules, etc. Since many VPX systems are deployed, X-ES provides development platforms that accept conduction-cooled boards in an air-cooled lab chassis. Rear Transition Modules (RTMs) can be used to allow developers to quickly and easily prototype system I/O.

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Deployed Systems

X-ES has successfully delivered numerous air-cooled and conduction-cooled systems for deployed programs. X-ES has the mechanical engineering know-how to develop world-class system designs in-house. X-ES system design capabilities include backplane development; state-of-the-art power module development; thermal, structural, and signal integrity analysis; environmental qualification; EMI/EMC qualification; acceptance testing; and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS).

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System Integration

In addition to providing a full line of board-level products, X-ES provides system integration services for our customers. X-ES can integrate X-ES products, third-party products, our customer’s proprietary boards, and software, based on the customer’s needs. X-ES can deliver subsystems or complete systems ready for deployment.

Contact X-ES Sales to discuss your specific system or system integration needs.

System Qualification

X-ES has an in–house qualification lab and experienced testing engineers in order to perform a wide variety of qualification testing. Utilizing our in-house equipment and engineers, we perform environmental pre-screening and environmental testing. We also perform EMI pre-screening utilizing our in-house equipment. Working with independent test facilities, our engineers perform environmental and EMI testing.

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