X-ES offers 100% US-based manufacturing of our embedded boards and systems. Our ISO 9001,
J-STD, and IPC certifications ensure process control and consistency of quality.

X-ES Manufacturing Capabilities

X-ES has a 15,000 square foot ESD-controlled manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Middleton, WI, that supports builds ranging from small prototypes to large production quantities. Our ISO 9001, J-STD, and IPC certifications ensure process control and top-quality products. Our on-site service team works closely with engineering on a daily basis to provide rapid troubleshooting, repair, and handling of all product returns.

The X-ES manufacturing facility houses state-of-the-art equipment for verifying component finishes and performing detailed AS9102 first-article inspections, as well as BGA removal and replacement.

X-ES Manufacturing Benefits and Advantages

Our unique manufacturing model allows us to simultaneously achieve both speed in manufacturing and tight process control, while still permitting the flexibility to incorporate custom requirements, even on short lead times in many cases. X-ES can provide complex products and services for small and large production runs from COTS to MCOTS to fully custom products.


X-ES uses multiple inspection stages to verify a high caliber of work performed that meets all specified requirements. To ensure consistent and accurate inspections, technicians are certified to multiple IPC standards, including:

  • IPC J-STD-001, Requirements and Acceptance for Cables and Wire Harness Assemblies
  • IPC-A-600, Acceptability of Printed Boards
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620, Requirements and Acceptance for Cables and Wire Harness Assemblies

X-ES inspection criteria include critical dimensions, component finishes, and assembly heights. Our certified technicians perform on-site inspection of:

  • Components
  • PCBs
  • Product assemblies
  • Metalwork
  • Board assemblies

Product Assembly

X-ES completes all module and system-level assembly at our Middleton, WI, facility. Assembly is performed according to strict ESD handling procedures by technicians certified to multiple IPC standards.

Assemblies range from commercial air-cooled modules in many form factors to complex conduction-cooled systems. Both module and system-level products are assembled to meet one of several ruggedization levels.

X-ES uses an electronic product tracking system to maintain the history and current status of all assemblies. This system provides important information, such as:

  • Inspection Record
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Software Installation
  • Shipping Information
  • ECOs Applied
  • Rework
  • Test Results
  • RMA Records


Trained technicians complete performance testing on every product to ensure detailed specifications and requirements are met. Multiple test stages are performed on products with additional processing steps, such as conformal coating and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS).

  • 100% Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)
    • Procedures are developed to thoroughly test all product interfaces
    • Summary of test results is available for each product delivered
  • Operational and Non-Operational Environmental Stress Screening
    • Thermal, shock, and vibration tests performed on site
    • Summary of test results is available for each product delivered

Your team does more than just build an outstanding product; they stand behind it, and make sure that it is reaching its full potential.

Lockheed Martin

Rework and Repair

X-ES performs extensive rework and repair services on site in order to support customer requests and returns. All repairs are completed following IPC J-STD-001 and IPC7711/7721 standards and meet class II or class III requirements.

X-ES uses the following equipment:

  • VJ Electronix Summit 1800
  • Hakko FM-203 Dual Port Soldering Station
  • Hakko FM-204 Desoldering Station

We have in-house capabilities to rework and repair (place, remove, and/or replace):

  • BGA, uBGA, LGA
  • CSP, traditional SMT
  • Through-hole
  • PCB repair
  • Conformal-coating repair

Rework and BGA Inspection

One of our in-house rework services includes BGA replacement, using the VJ Electronix Summit 1800. BGA inspection is performed with the SMT Tools BGA-100 Inspection Camera.

Lead and Lead-Free

Driven by industry standards and best practices, X-ES has both leaded and lead-free solder processes available to help meet a project’s Tin-Whisker Mitigation or RoHS and environmental needs. Workstations, solder equipment, and components are color-coded to provide clear visibility and separation.

Our unique numbering system separates inventory for varying component finishes. X-ES has the ability to refinish components to meet customer-driven mitigation requirements and can perform in-house verification using XRF analysis.

X-ES uses an Oxford Instruments X-Strata 980 XRF machine as a non-destructive analytical technique for elemental analysis. This analysis helps confirm that components meet declared materials composition requirements and ensures proper plated surfaces. Plated surfaces are measured on bare printed circuit boards for acceptance and are checked on components as part of a tin-whisker mitigation process.

Tin-Whisker Mitigation

Tin whiskers are electrically conductive, crystalline structures that sometimes grow from surfaces where tin (especially electroplated tin) is used as a final finish.

X-ES has developed an internal plan to reduce the risk of tin whisker formation that includes strategic component selection, coatings, and a leaded solder process. X-ES can refinish components to meet customer-driven mitigation requirements and has in-house verification capability using XRF analysis.

PCB Fabrication and Inspection

X-ES has qualified several Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication houses for use with class II and class III requirements built in accordance to IPC-6012.

X-ES PCB inspection involves:

  • X-ES inspects 100% of PCBs prior to board assembly
  • Test coupons for class III PCBs are also inspected and can be provided to customers upon request

Standard technologies:

  • Through-hole via: mechanically drilled, 8 mil finished hole, 22.5 mil outer annular ring, 21.75 mil inner annular ring
  • Micro via: laser-drilled, 6 mil hole, 12 mil annular ring
  • Buried via: mechanically drilled, 8 mil finished hole, 21.75 mil annular ring

Manufacturing Facility and Inventory

X-ES has a 15,000 square foot on-site, temperature- and humidity-controlled, ESD 20.20-compliant manufacturing facility, which includes:

  • Extensive component inventory
  • Final product assembly and system integration
  • ATP and Environmental Stress Screening testing capabilities
  • IPC class III rework and repair stations

Vendor Partnerships

X-ES has established partnerships with vendors that excel at completing high-complexity, high-quality workmanship with fast turnaround times.

Some of our top vendor partnerships include:

  • Ducommun Labarge Technologies, Inc.
    • X-ES owns a board assembly line at their facility in Appleton, WI
    • Equipment: MYDATA SYNERGY DX14/DX14 SMT line
    • Capable of class III board assembly in accordance with IPC-A-610
    • BGAs are 100% X-ray and AOI-inspected
    • Quick-turn metalwork prototype to production volume service
    • Equipment: 4x Haas VF-2SS CNC Vertical Super Speed
Manufacturing Experts

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