Configuration Management

X-ES has a formal Configuration Management Plan and Configuration Management Process to support an ECO Process for customers that require this level of support. The X-ES configuration management system provides precise control over the parts and materials that make up a product and the records to identify at any point in time the parts and materials used to make specific manufactured units.

Configuration Management Plan

The X-ES Configuration Management Plan addresses:

  • Configuration Management Planning
  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Change Control
  • Configuration Audits and Reviews

ECO Process

X-ES provides a formal ECO (Engineering Change Order) process in support of specific customer program requirements:

All ECOs have a review and approval process. There are four levels of customer configuration control:

  • Default: ECOs are performed without customer notification
  • Notification: Customer is notified when new ECOs are applied
  • Approval: Customer approval is required prior to implantation of new ECOs
  • ECO Hold: Product is held at a particular ECO level and not modified
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