x86 BIOS

X-ES In-House x86 BIOS

SBCs and mezzanines with the Intel® Core™ i7 and Atom™ processors use the InsydeH2O UEFI BIOS. It implements modern UEFI BIOS specification backed by Intel and other market leaders.

Includes Support For

Legacy Compatible

Backwards compatible with Legacy BIOS boot methods


Additional UEFI functionality for advanced performance

Command Line Shell

“ROM monitor” shell for diagnostics & scripting

Network Stack

Network stack for FTP
file downloads

Both BIOSes offer the ability to boot from a disk drive or to network boot. X-ES has in-house BIOS Engineers and can modify BIOS software to meet customer requirements. The UEFI BIOS allows for pre-boot applications, such as Built-In Test (BIT), to be easily integrated. More information about the benefits of UEFI BIOS can be found at:

SBCs and mezzanines with the Core™2 Duo processors use the AMIBIOS8 BIOS. It is an industry standard Legacy BIOS, i.e., it boots just like a standard PC.

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