VPX & OpenVPX™ Technology

X-ES is an industry and technology leader with regard to VPX and OpenVPX™. X-ES has been actively involved in the development of the VPX and OpenVPX standardization efforts. X-ES was one of the first companies to develop VPX products and has been shipping VPX products since 2006.

VPX Specification

VPX (VITA 46), a module standard, was developed in support of ruggedized, deployed applications and is the technology of choice for ruggedized military applications where Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) are an issue. VPX supports both 3U and 6U form factors, provides a large amount of high-speed I/O to the backplane, and enables the use of modules that require up to 200 watts of power.

VPX-REDI Specification

The Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation (REDI) laid out in VITA 48 defines how to implement cooling methodologies on specific board form factors. It supports enhanced forced-air cooling (using baffles and plenums), advanced conduction cooling (using larger and more efficient thermal interfaces), and liquid cooling. It also addresses the use of ESD covers on both sides of the board, a necessary feature for military two-level maintenance strategies.

OpenVPX™ Specification

OpenVPX™ (VITA 65) builds on the module-centric VPX specifications by providing a nomenclature of planes and profiles to enable system integrators, module designers, and backplane providers to effectively describe and define aspects and characteristics of a system. OpenVPX addresses major system interoperability issues while allowing for flexibility within the system, as enabled by its planes and flexible module profiles featuring user-defined I/O. By following a system-centric approach and defining a number of standard system topologies, OpenVPX enables interoperable off-the-shelf modules and development platforms within the VPX marketplace.

OpenVPX profiles make is easy to build development systems with compatible components. Deployable systems will always have system issues that need to be addressed, such as I/O, custom backplanes, power, and cooling. X-ES not only understands these issues, but has solved integration and system-level problems and delivered integrated VPX system solutions to customers.

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