Military & Aerospace


X-ES products are used in a wide variety of Command, Control, Communications, Compute, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications, as well as homeland security, public safety, and disaster recovery, such as:

  • Missile guidance
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Radar processing
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Threat detection and avoidance
  • Combat management
  • Mission control
  • Display and monitoring
  • Mine detection
  • Target recognition and verification
  • Battlefield sensors
  • Embedded training
  • Vetronics
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) and Routing with Cisco IOS® IP routing software
  • In vehicle mobile ad hoc networks (military, public safety, police, fire, first responders)
  • Mobile command centers (military, police, first responders, disaster recovery)

Products and Services

X-ES provides a wide range of embedded computing COTS and modified COTS products to the world’s leading defense contractors. All of our COTS products are standards-based, including VPX, VME, CompactPCI, XMC, PrPMC, PMC, and COM Express standards.

  • COTS high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) products
  • Ruggedized, conduction-cooled products
  • Development platforms, deployable systems, systems integration
  • Modified COTS (derivative products)
  • Custom designs
  • Built-In Test (BIT)
  • Class 3 manufacturing fabrication and assembly
  • Leaded process available
  • Military program support services
  • Program management
  • Configuration and obsolescence management
  • Risk management
  • Derating and reliability analysis
  • Environmental qualification (MIL-STD-810F)
  • EMC/EMI (MIL-STD-461E)
  • Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Traceability and materials analysis
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