X-ES and the Linux Board Support Package (BSP)

X-ES supports Linux on its product line of x86-based, PowerPC, and ARM-based embedded processor boards. Linux has quickly become the operating system of choice for many embedded system applications due to its flexibility, breadth of hardware support, and open nature.

Wide Availability of Standard Features

Linux Board Support Packages (BSPs) from X-ES contain the following components:

  • Patches against the mainline Linux kernel providing support for X-ES hardware
  • Bootable kernel images that work out-of-the-box
  • Root filesystems compiled specifically for target hardware:
    • Small flash filesystem based on BusyBox
    • Larger development NFS filesystem based on Gentoo Linux
  • GNU cross-compiler toolchain for target processor
  • Documentation for getting up and running with the included kernels and filesystems

Maximum Flexibility and Support

The supplied kernel patches provide a Linux port for X-ES hardware, including driver support for on-board peripherals (flash, Ethernet, serial, etc.).  All ports are developed against the mainline kernels available from to allow for maximum flexibility in integrating application-specific software and patches. Patches also include a default kernel configuration file created specifically for the target board.

X-ES Linux support is based on the Buildroot embedded Linux build system. Buildroot provides a flexible build environment, making it easy to generate a custom deployable Linux image. Buildroot natively provides thousands of packages that can be optionally included. The provided Buildroot environment should provide everything needed for basic development, including a target-native GNU toolchain.

X-ES Enterprise Linux (XEL)

X-ES Enterprise Linux (XEL) is an RPM-based Linux distribution designed for X-ES single board computers. XEL adds support for X-ES x86 platforms on top of a stable and widely used Linux base platform that is suitable for deployment in mission-critical applications.

Learn More About XEL

Support for the following distributions may be available

Many X-ES Products Come Standard With Linux

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