Extreme Engineering Expands PrPMC Performance Envelope – Targets Dual Core PWRficient PA6T-1682 at only 17 Watts Typical!

System Architects – this press release is for you. Are you trying to upgrade the performance of your core router, but maintain the blade interconnect? Have an existing security device that needs an encryption engine + processor boost? Trying to maintain a PowerPC software code base in your RNC, but require a 10x performance increase with no additional power draw? Or, maybe your five year old VME/cPCI system desperately needs additional compute cycles for target recognition? Consider the flexibility, performance, and form factor of XPedite8000 as a universal answer to these questions:

Extreme Engineering Solutions, a rapidly growing embedded products company, announces general availability of XPedite8000 today. Key features of XPedite8000 include:

  • ProcessorPMC (PrPMC) form factor (149 mm x 74 mm)
  • P.A. Semi PWRficient PA6T-1682 Power Architecture-based dual core processor to 2.0 GHz on each core
  • 17 watts @ 1.5 GHz typical – can run at faster/slower clock speeds depending on application
  • 2 GB of DDR II; 1 GB for each processor core
  • 32 Mb NOR and 1 GB NAND Flash
  • PCI and PCI-X interconnect, optional PCI Express XMC connector in future
  • Dual SGMII and dual isolated Gb Ethernet ports
  • In-house software support for Linux, QNX Neutrino, Wind River VxWorks, and PNE 1.4
  • Guaranteed 4-hour response to technical questions

“XPedite8000 is the highest performance PrPMC available today. We’re so confident of XPedite8000’s performance – we are offering to benchmark customer application code against any current PrPMC platform to prove the unparalleled performance/watt paradigm offered by the PA6T-1682 silicon”, states Bret Farnum, VP of Sales for Extreme Engineering.

“We are delighted to see Extreme Engineering expand the use of P.A. Semi silicon on XPedite8000 – we have multiple customers clamoring for standard form factors like this with PWRficient PA6T-1682”, said Dan Dobberpuhl, CEO and President of P.A. Semi. Dobberpuhl adds, “Extreme Engineering continues to impress us with its rapid deployment of our processor across a variety of platforms We are pleased that Extreme Engineering’s roadmap highlights power-efficient processors from P.A. Semi.”

XPedite8000 follows a succession of PrPMC modules offered by Extreme Engineering and sets the stage for system upgrades in communications, commercial, and military applications. To aid rapid customer development, Extreme provides a complete development suite including XPedite8000, Software, Carrier card, ATX Power Supply, and all cables for $6,400.

Product Pricing and Availability. XPedite8000 is part of Extreme Engineering’s “Fast Ship” program and available immediately with Linux, QNX Neutrino or WindRiver’s VxWorks or Linux PNE 1.4. Single quantity pricing for XPedite8000 starts at $4,200; large program/OEM pricing approaches $2,000 – depending on yearly volume, memory density and processor speed.

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