X-ES Develops 46 CPU-Node Data Center Blade for Cray targeting Intel® Core™ i7 Processors

Under contract to Cray Inc., Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) developed and delivered a prototype next-generation data center blade consisting of forty-six Intel® Core™ i7 processor cards. Cray’s Custom Engineering group designed the system infrastructure that combines super efficient power delivery, high-density packaging, and innovative cooling technologies. With the design in place, Cray turned to Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) to develop the blade hardware.

The objective of this technology development initiative was to design a supercomputing architecture that dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership for data centers. This solution is intended to significantly reduce facility, power, and hardware costs.

“We chose X-ES as our partner to build this prototype blade hardware because of their proven ability to deliver Intel® Core™ i7 processor designs, willingness to implement our custom design, and ability to meet our schedule”, states Dave Kiefer, VP of Business Development at Cray. “Choosing X-ES allowed us to complete our development on time and achieve customer acceptance.”

“Cray leveraged their supercomputing expertise into this prototype design,” states Bret Farnum, VP of Sales and Marketing, X-ES. “They based the system’s power delivery design on leading edge power delivery technology and utilized their high-velocity air cooling to cool this densely packaged system.”

About X-ES

Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES), a 100% U.S.A.-based company, designs and builds single-board computers, I/O boards, power supplies, backplanes, chassis, and system-level solutions for embedded computing customers. X-ES offers cutting-edge performance and flexibility in design, plus an unparalleled level of customer support and service.

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