6U VME Carriers

X-ES provides 6U VME XMC and PMC carrier card solutions. They include PCI-X support between the two PrPMC slots and the VME64x 2eSST bridge, and feature an innovative Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA-based VME bridge that supports a x4 PCI Express Gen2 to the host interface and supports an external DDR3 SDRAM DMA buffer.

X-ES 6U VME carrier cards support all deployed versions of the VMEBus protocol, from the original VME32 up through VME64x and 2eVME/2eSST operation, making it an effective solution for interfacing any XMC/PMC module to any system’s VMEBus backplane.

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XChange1104 6U cPCI Carrier Card

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