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Systems Integrated with Cisco® 5940 Router

Cisco® Solutions Technology Integrator (STI)

X-ES is a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator (STI). As a Cisco STI, X-ES integrates Cisco technology into our systems. X-ES can integrate the Cisco 5940 Embedded Services Router into X-ES systems.

Cisco 5940 Embedded Services Router

Conduction-cooled Cisco 5940 ESR Air-cooled Cisco 5940 ESR Cisco 5940 ESR Rear Transition Module (RTM)


The Cisco 5940 Embedded Services Router (ESR) is a high-performance air-or conduction-cooled, ruggedized, router designed for use in harsh environments. It offers reliable operation in extreme temperatures and under shock and vibration conditions typical for mobile applications in rugged terrain. With on-board hardware encryption, the Cisco 5940 ESR offloads encryption processing from the router to provide highly secure, yet scalable video, voice, and data services for mobile and embedded outdoor networks. The router offers four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and a rich Cisco IOS feature set, providing investment protection for customers deploying bandwidth-intensive applications in mobile or embedded networks in public safety, transportation, defense, and energy markets.

The Cisco 5940 ESR is a 3U cPCI router card that is available in both air- and conductioncooled models. An optional rear transition module (RTM) is available for applications requiring access to the I/O connectors through standard RJ-45 connectors. X-ES provides the Cisco 5940 ESR integrated into development platforms, as well as deployable systems.

Development Platforms with Integrated Cisco 5940 Router

System Developers can start with a COTS development platform and seamlessly migrate to a deployed system. The CDP-5940 is an integrated development platform. Integrated into the XPand1030 enclosure are the Cisco 5940 ESR, XPedite7332 SBC, and XPort6103 256 GB SSD XMC module. The XPand1300 supports air-cooled module development.

CDP-5940 Integrated Development Platform XPand1300 Air-cooled Development Chassis


Following are example X-ES boards that can be integrated with the Cisco 5940 ESR.

  • XPedite7332 - Intel Core i7 3U cPCI SBC, 8 GB DDR3, XMC site
  • XPedite7330 - Intel Core i7 3U cPCI SBC, 4 GB DDR3, XMC/PMC site
  • XPedite5430 - Freescale QorIQ P4080 3U cPCI SBC, 8 GB DDR3, XMC/PMC site
  • XPedite5530 - Freescale QorIQ P2020 3U cPCI SBC, 4 GB DDR3, XMC/PMC site
  • XPort6103 - 64 GB to 512 GB Solid State Disk (SSD) XMC module
  • XChange1200 - 3U cPCI PMC/XMC carrier
  • XPm2010 - 3U cPCI Power Supply Module, PICMG 2.11, MIL-STD-704 28V-DC

Additional X-ES and third-party 3U CompactPCI and PMC/XMC modules can be integrated into the development platforms.

Deployed Systems with Integrated Cisco 5940 Router

When lab development is completed, all of the air-cooled or conduction-cooled payload modules can easily be migrated to deployable systems. For conduction-cooled applications, X-ES provides multiple ATR enclosures to address a range of environmental and cooling requirements.

XPand3200 Conduction-Cooled 1/2 ATR Box XPand4200 Forced Air-Cooled 1/2 ATR Box

XPand5200 Convection- and Conduction-Cooled 1/2 ATR Box


  • XPand3200 - Sub 1/2 ATR, 6 slot, conduction-cooled chassis
  • XPand4200 - Sub 1/2 ATR, 6 slot, forced air-cooled chassis for conduction-cooled modules
  • XPand5200 - Sub 1/2 ATR, 4 slot, natural convection-cooled/conduction-cooled chassis

Customized Systems with Integrated Cisco 5940 Router

X-ES excels at engineering systems that meet our customer’s requirements. If you have unique system requirements X-ES is ready to discuss a modified COTS solution. We can incorporate X-ES and 3rd party I/O solutions (e.g., MIL-STD-1553, NTDS, A/D, D/A, serial, etc.) and provide a turnkey solution to satisfy almost any requirements. Please contact your X-ES sales representative to discuss your system requirements.