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Extreme Engineering Targets Eighteen PowerPC processors on ATCA Blade: XCalibur1411 first ATCA card to support ground-breaking P.A. Semi silicon

NXTcomm is a show dominated by “big telcos” and “big iron”, but this year up-start hardware vendor Extreme Engineering (booth #3078) is grabbing “big headlines” with their AdvancedTCA blade hosting eighteen PowerPC processors. XCalibur1411 targets nine dual-core P.A. Semi PA6T-1682 PWRficient processors and each of the eighteen processor cores run at up to 2 GHz. Coupled…

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Extreme Engineering shatters Performance/Watt Barrier – Releases 3U VPX SBC supporting dual core PowerPC @ 34W

Your program manager just provided the next generation system requirements: increase CPU performance 10x, decrease power requirements, shrink existing 6U chassis to 3U, and migrate existing PMC modules to the new system. A tall order? Not with XPedite8070 as your new PowerPC based SBC. XPedite8070 from Extreme Engineering brings a revolutionary new Power Architecture (PowerPC)…

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