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COM Express Makes its Way into Rugged and Reliable Applications
RTC Magazine, December 2012, RTC Group

COM Express and PC/104 meet the needs of rugged SFF systems
PC/104 and Small Form Factors, Fall 2012, OpenSystems Media

Bringing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks to the battlefield using COTS open standards
Engineers’ Guide to Military & Aerospace, 2012, Extension Media

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Revamps Military Communications
COTS Journal, November 2011, RTC Group

From Reference Board to Rugged Military SBC
Defense Tech Briefs, October 2011, Tech Briefs Media Group

VPX Systems Face New Power Challenges
COTS Journal, February 2011, RTC Group

PCI Express Versus RapidIO: The Winner Is…
Embedded Intel Solutions, January 2011, Extension Media

Is There Life Beyond Defense and Aerospace for VPX?
RTC Magazine, September 2010, RTC Group

OpenVPX closes the integration gap between off-the-shelf VPX modules
VME and Critical Systems, Spring 2010, OpenSystems Media

Next-Gen Processor Technology Redefines Compute Density
COTS Journal, January 2010, RTC Group

In the News

July 27, 2020

For engineering students seeking summer jobs, persistence and a strong foundation pays off
By UW Madison College of Engineering

December 12, 2018

Young Wisconsin Company Builds Innovation Into New Facility
By Focus on Energy

October 1, 2018

Extreme Engineering Solutions Purchases Hybrid Rework System from Ersa
By Kurtz Ersa PR
Kurtz Ersa Inc.

August 3, 2018

X-ES and Lynx integrate 3U VPX embedded computing board and secure software operating system
By M&AE Staff
Military & Aerospace Electronics

June 6, 2018

Small-form-factor embedded computing systems for military applications introduced by X-ES
By M&AE Staff
Military & Aerospace Electronics

August 17, 2017

Dual Intel® Xeon® E5 v4-based server-class embedded computing products introduced by X-ES
By M&AE Staff
Military & Aerospace Electronics

April 19, 2017

Computer design firm Extreme Engineering plans move to Madison
By Judy Newman
Wisconsin State Journal

March 15, 2017

NXP QorIQ T2081-based embedded computing mezzanine board for security uses introduced by X-ES
By M&AE Staff
Military & Aerospace Electronics

May 5, 2015

Sub-Second Boots for Mil/Aero Applications, featuring XPedite7450 COM Express Module
By Mark Scantlebury
Intel® Market Applications

February 10, 2015

X-ES Principal Embedded Engineer Daniel March discusses hybrid processor architectures in FPGAs for demanding SWaP applications
By John Keller
Military & Aerospace Electronics

December 16, 2014

SYSGO’s PikeOS Provides Safety and Security for Communication Platform from X-ES
SYSGO Press Release

October 30, 2013

AIT’s XMC-FC4 Fibre Channel interface integrated into Extreme Engineering XPedite7470 System for FC-AE-ASM Avionics Flight Applications
AIT (Avionics Interface Technologies) Press Release

May 2012

Nothing new: Military users demand more performance and low power from SBC designs
By John McHale
Military Electronic Systems

April 9, 2012

Cisco Updates Mobile Ready Net Portfolio 5900 Series Embedded Services Routers for Personnel Operating Beyond the Reach of Traditional Fixed-Network Infrastructure
Cisco Press Release

February 2012

CompactPCI shows that mature technology still has its uses
By Skyler Frink
Military & Aerospace Electronics

October 2011

Industry uncertainty dominates small-form-factor embedded computing for UAVs and military vehicles
By John Keller
Military & Aerospace Electronics

August 2011

New processor in town for embedded computing
By John Keller
Military & Aerospace Electronics

August 2011

…It’s our position that 3U VPX is superior to 6U VPX
Interview of X-ES CEO Rob Scidmore by Chris Ciufo
VME & Critical Systems, Summer 2011

January 2011

Rugged computers required
By Courtney Howard
Military & Aerospace Electronics

December 2010

Mastering mission-critical data
By Courtney Howard
Military & Aerospace Electronics

November 2010

X-ES helps avionics designers attack the costs of ATR system development with 3U VPX development platform
By John Keller
Military & Aerospace Electronics

August 2010

Switch fabric high-speed serial network technology enters the mainstream for demanding signal processing
By John Keller
Military & Aerospace Electronics

June 2010

OpenVPX™ System Specification Standard Reaches ANSI Ratification
Quote from Rob Scidmore, CEO of X-ES in Quote Sheet
VITA website

February 2010

Trends in microprocessors: high-end military embedded applications are beginning a shift to Intel
By John Keller
Military & Aerospace Electronics

January 2010

VPX is at the right place, at the right time, for serious market growth in embedded systems
By John Keller
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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