Extreme Engineering Solutions Introduces XPedite5301: First Conduction-Cooled XMC/PrPMC Module Targeting NXP Dual-Core MPC8572E Processor

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) is pleased to introduce XPedite5301, the first conduction-cooled XMC/PrPMC single board computer based on NXP’s (formerly Freescale) dual-core PowerQUICC™ III MPC8572E processor. XPedite5301 provides a high-performance, feature-rich solution for current and future generations of embedded applications.

XPedite5301 operates with two 1.5 GHz e500 cores based on Power Architecture® technology, and supports:

  • Two separate DDR2-800 ECC SDRAM channels with up to 2 GB per channel
  • Up to 4 GB of NAND flash and 256 MB of redundant NOR flash
  • 32-bit/33 MHz PCI (PMC interface)
  • PCI Express or Serial RapidIO (PCIe or SRIO XMC interface)
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Operating system support:
    • Green Hills INTEGRITY Board Support Package (BSP)
    • Wind River VxWorks BSP
    • QNX Neutrino BSP
    • Linux BSP

“For customers requiring dual-core PowerPC CPU solutions on an XMC or PrPMC, XPedite5301 is tough to beat. It combines NXP’s (formerly Freescale) latest e500 core solution and could easily be a building block for the next generation P4080 silicon.” states Bret Farnum, Vice President of Sales. “XPedite5301 is already supporting several defense and communications customers,” adds Farnum.

“NXP is pleased that the MPC8572E processor is included in Extreme Engineering’s XPedite5301, enhancing the processor’s already rich product line of embedded applications. The XPedite5301 small form factor COTS product enables designers to shorten design cycles and enhance performance of end devices,” said Glenn Beck, a marketing manager within NXP’s Networking & Multimedia Group.

XPedite5301 is shipping today with pricing starting at $6,900. Discounts are available based on memory configuration, environmental requirements, and volume purchases.

About X-ES

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