Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) Bridges 3U VPX & 3U cPCI Conduction Cooled SBCs with XTend4010 Hybrid Backplane and System Offering

Listening to their customers, Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) developed an easy answer to the question: “Can I preserve my investment in older 3U cPCI cards with newer X-ES 3U VPX cards?” Witness the nine-slot XTend4010 Hybrid Backplane which marries (3) 3U cPCI slots with (4) 3U VPX slots is a “dual dissimilar” fabric topology.

Featured details include:


The XTend4010 3U hybrid backplane supports four VPX slots, three CompactPCI slots, a Gigabit Ethernet switch slot, and a bridge slot. System designers can take advantage of these features by using it as a development platform for migrating from CompactPCI to the VITA 46 (VPX) standard, or a fully deployable system capable of supporting legacy CompactPCI devices.


The XChange3010 bridges from PCI Express Fabric to a Parallel PCI Interface, and includes an XMC/PrPMC slot for additional processing or system I/O. With the PrPMC slot populated, XChange3010 serves as the system controller for the cPCI slots.


The XChange3011 offers 16 ports of redundant Gigabit Ethernet switching to the VPX card slots allowing system designers another communication path between the VPX slots. XChange3011 also features an optional rugged front panel micro-D connector for chassis-level Ethernet and RS-422 serial connectivity.

“Combining our high performance PA Semi, NXP (formerly Freescale) or Intel® 3U VPX CPU solutions with customers’ tried and true 3U cPCI hardware with XTend4010 was an easy decision,” states Bret Farnum, Vice President Sales/Marketing for X-ES. “We were especially pleased when we heard this topology would save one customer over $2M in redesign costs and provided several others immediate development environments,” adds Farnum.

Availability — XTend4010, XChange3010 and XChange3011 are shipping and available from $2,995 – $4,000 depending on quantity.

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