Secure Solid-State Drive (SSD) Solutions for Long Life Cycle Requirements

XPort6105 XMC SSD Module

Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) announces rugged Solid-State Drive (SSD) solutions that are ideally suited for applications requiring long-term availability and a stable supply chain. An important feature of these high-density, high-performance storage products is that they use an FPGA-based storage controller. This directly addresses EOL and Obsolescence issues commonly associated with foreign-designed and manufactured storage controllers, which often are discontinued before a system can go into production.


X-ES’s Secure Self-Encrypting SSD (SED) storage solutions come with an extensive list of security features. The use of an FPGA-based controller is integral to these features, enabling support for security capabilities tailored specifically to military, aerospace, and government requirements. These include “always on” NIST-certified AES-256 XTS hardware encryption, hardware-based authentication, and fast clear. Additional military sanitization (zeroization) protocols that meet NSA, NISPOM, and a number of other DoD specifications also are supported. When combined with X-ES SecureCOTS products such as the 5th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-based 3U VPX XPedite7572, specialized Anti-Tamper (AT) capabilities can also be realized.

Performance and Reliability

X-ES’s SSD solutions utilize SLC NAND Flash and superior ECC protection to provide industry-leading reliability and performance. These capabilities have been tested under the demanding environmental conditions of MIL-STD-810 and proven during the flight qualification of systems such as the XPand4208. X-ES’s SSD products also can be used in the COTS XPand6200 Series system, providing an ideal platform for a rugged, reliable, and SWaP-optimized Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution.

Product Options

For customers using one of X-ES’s Intel® Core™ i7 or NXP (formerly Freescale) QorIQ-based Single Board Computer (SBC) products, X-ES provides the XPort6105 XMC, which can individually provide up to 512 GB of raw storage. When mated together, it can provide up to 1 TB of storage in a single 3U VPX slot. The XPort6173 supports two standard 2.5″ SSDs and is yet another option for providing up to 1 TB of storage in a single 3U VPX slot.

X-ES also provides the XPort6193, a removable Line Replaceable Module (LRM) capable of supporting up to 1 TB of raw storage. This rugged and compact module utilizes a 2.5″ SSD and a highly reliable connector capable of supporting up to 100,000 mating cycles. The XPort6193 is supported in X-ES’ XPand4200 Series and XPand6200 Series systems. Additionally, two XPort6193 modules can be included in a single XPand6902 enclosure. The XPand6902 is a small enclosure that can be added as a removable memory bay extension for other systems, simplifying support for rugged and removable high-density storage within a broad range of military and aerospace platforms.

About X-ES

Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES), a 100% U.S.A.-based company, designs and manufactures Intel® and Freescale-based single board computers, networking products, storage products, power supplies, and system-level solutions for embedded computing customers. X-ES offers cutting-edge performance and flexibility in design, plus an unparalleled level of customer support and service.

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