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Small Form Factor Systems

XPand6000 Series Rugged System

X-ES has developed a family of Small Form Factor (SFF) ATR systems, the XPand6000 Series, which use existing industry-standard, rugged, COTS components. A COM Express module provides system processing. A PMC or XMC module adds application-specific I/O, and a 1.8 in. Slim SATA SSD provides storage for the system.

In a package that is less than 72 cubic inches, these convection- and conduction-cooled SFF systems can be deployed quickly into airborne or ground vehicles. Natural convection-cooling and small size allow the XPand6000 Series to be bolted to any available surface; and with a fully-loaded weight of less than 4 lbs., they are perfect for small UAV applications.

Any commercial or ruggedized, basic or compact, COM Express module can be integrated into the XPand6000 Series. However, most are not designed for use in harsh environments, especially those that support high-performance processors. They typically use vulnerable SO-DIMM modules for SDRAM and have few mounting holes for structural retention. They are unproven at extreme temperatures and do not employ the circuit board fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly techniques required for applications in harsh environments. X-ES provides solutions to these problems by offering ruggedized COM Express modules that support high-performance Intel Core i7 processors and Freescale QorIQ processors.

Some embedded SFF systems cannot cool high-performance processors, limiting the choice to lower performance processors such as the Intel ATOM. However, the COM Express form factor makes it easier to extract heat from the cards. The CPU is located on the side opposite of the module connectors, allowing for direct contact between the CPU's die and the system's external cooling interface. This allows the XPand6000 Series to adequately cool high-performance Intel Core i7 processors and Freescale QorIQ processors.

The XPand6000 Series utilizes the PMC/XMC form factor for the plug-in I/O card because of the wide ecosystem of PMC/XMC I/O modules available from a number of vendors. There are qualified MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Ethernet, USB, digital I/O solutions ready to be integrated into the XPand6000 Series.

System Integration

X-ES will integrate a customer’s chosen COM Express module, PMC/XMC, and optional SSD into an XPand6000 Series enclosure. If required, X-ES will perform environmental and EMI qualification testing on the integrated systems.


To support customers’ development efforts, X-ES provides the XPand1400 Series development platform.

XPand6000 Series Configurations

The XPand6000 Series is available in three configurations:

  • A vertical orientation, natural convection-cooled, 2.36 in. (W), 4.88 in. (H), 7.10 in. (L), 81.77 in3, less than 4 lbs. fully-loaded
  • A horizontal orientation, natural convection-cooled, 4.88 in. (W), 2.10 in. (H), 7.70 in. (L), 78.9 in3, less than 3.75 lbs. fully-loaded
  • A horizontal orientation, conduction-cooled, 4.88 in. (W), 1.90 in. (H), 7.70 in. (L), 71.39 in3, less than 3.5 lbs. fully-loaded

Each XPand6000 Series configuration supports:

  • A single, ruggedized, COM Express module
  • A single, conduction-cooled, PMC or XMC module
  • Optional, 1.8 in. or Slim SATA, non-volatile, SSD memory module
  • Integrated MIL-STD-704 28 V DC power supply
  • Integrated MIL-STD-461E/F EMI filtering and optional internal holdup
  • Environmentally-sealed D38999 connector support with configurable I/O connections